Nestled in the foothills of Norway, Maine, Hidden Brook Farm is a large, family oriented facility that has been in operation since 1989. We pride ourselves on offering the best care, training and instruction to all our clients - both human and equine! Dressage is the training of the horse.  Combined Training is dressage and jumping.  During my 30+ years of riding I have developed a strong background in the basic and advanced aspects of both of these equine endeavors.


 We offer many amenities, including two outdoor and one indoor arena, heated tack rooms, laundry area, miles of trails, large pastures, all day turnout and large, well-ventilated stabling. It's an easy, comfortable environment for both the owner and the horse, making boarding at Hidden Brook enjoyable and rewarding!


 We teach people of all ages, from beginner to advanced, focusing on balance seat and dressage. Everyone is encouraged to progress at a pace appropriate to their particular style and enthusiasm.


 For those unfamiliar with horsemanship we offer a learning blueprint to guide students in the basics of proper riding, ground work, and horse care.